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Building Financial Capacity & Economic Resiliency

Financial Beginnings believes financial education promotes equitable opportunities for economic advancement. Programs provide relevant, real-world financial knowledge to high-risk and economically-vulnerable populations.

Financial Beginnings' programs are always provided at no cost to partner or participant. Programs are full-service, meaning Financial Beginnings supplies all curriculum and supplemental materials, which are mailed to colleges or community groups who schedule programming. Financial Beginnings also provides trained volunteers who teach the lessons of each program.

Colleges and community organizations can learn more by contacting

Providing high school students and adults detailed introduction to key financial concepts.

Covering such foundational concepts as banking, budgeting, credit, investing, and risk management, participants gain a solid understanding of personal finance essentials through hands-on learning.

Learn more about our Foundations program here!

"I learned that financial goals are a good thing for people to have. I made a short-term goal of getting a new car once I graduate and a long-term goal of owning a home." - Student Participant